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Vishal Dadlani: 'Music is my life and I believe in it'

Vishal Dadlani


Mumbai, Nov. 1 -- Very few Indian musicians have a popular band and the reputation of being one of Bollywood's top music composers.

Vishal Dadlani is one such artiste. While he is always busy composing music for films (he is one half of the composer duo Vishal-Shekhar of which Shekhar Ravjiani is the other half), Vishal makes sure he takes time out for his band, Pentagram, a popular Indian rock-electronica outfit that performs across the country quite regularly.

After their recent performance in the city, we caught up with Vishal, where he opened up about the band, its journey, what performing live means to him, and more.

It's been 21 years since Pentagram was formed. How did it come about?

We were a bunch of people who liked music. The reason we decided to form the band was to pursue what we

enjoyed doing.

Is there some story behind the name of your band?

Yes, actually. We were to do a gig and had to come up with a name for the band on short notice. One of us saw the name, Pentagram, on the T-shirt of one of the members of the rock band, Slayer. Since we did not have time, we chose the name.

How has your music evolved over the years?

We were the first band to experiment with electronica in the rock space. When we made our first album, We Are Not Listening, it defined a lot of our opinions. Our second album, Up, came after a gap of about six years and the music was more in-your-face as compared to the previous album.

So, our style of music and expression has changed. Our most recent work, Bloodywood, was all about the uniqueness of India and its roots.

Why has there always been a gap of a few years between each of your albums?

We tour and brainstorm a lot, and are constantly experimenting with our music. This is what helps us define our thought processes and evolve.

Bloodywood was last year. When can we expect your next album?

We are in the process of making one and it currently comprises eight tracks. We want to make another 20 before releasing it.

Between your careers, as a Bollywood composer and as a band member, what do you enjoy more?

There is no preference; I get to make music in both. Music is my life and I believe in it. It's just that live acts have a lot of energy, which eventually adds to our performance as well.