Vir Das
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Vir Das stands up for Bollywood!

Vir Das

By Tulsi, News Network

The world of comedians is rather annoyed with these censorship issues post the AIB Knockout. So while artists (self-proclaimed in this case) like … asked Aamir Khan to shut up about his anti-AIB Roast opinions, we have our very own Vir Das reacting in a completely different way.

This stand-up comedian turned actor, writer and singer has made a song for the Censorship Board. And it’s funny as hell!

Vir Das is one of the most talented guys in the country, and this video just reinforces the very same, as well as a strong message to the Censor Board, that, in his own words is a “clean, pre-edited, non offensive, pre-bleeped & politically correct song dedicated to any Government and other powers that want to Censor comedy in India.”

Are you ready to enjoy it?