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Vir Das buys an antique typewriter

Vir Das


Mumbai, July 24 -- Vir Das, who is currently in London, UK, for the screening of his upcoming film, has decided to extend his stay in the city, as he wants to write the scripts of his future ventures there.

And to do so, the actor has bought an antique typewriter, which is still in working condition.

A source close to Vir says, "He has purchased a 90-year-old typewriter. Though he had to pay a hefty amount for it, he didn't mind spending that much, as he loved it. He will use the typewriter to write his show scripts."

When contacted, Vir confirmed the news, and said, "I found it in an antique shop. It's close to 100 years old, and was used in a government office during the Second World War. Using it is a totally different experience. I think it makes me a better writer."