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Vir Das is a busy man!

Vir Das


Mumbai, May 7 -- Vir Das is back to a gruelling schedule post the release of Revolver Rani. The actor has as many as six films lined up in the next 15 months.

Interestingly, his next release, Amit Sahni Ki List, will see him in the lead role of a serial dater on the lookout for true love. The romantic comedy will release on July 18. "It's a fun character that takes the search for true love a little too seriously," says Vir. Besides this project, the Delhi Belly (2011) actor is also working on a script for a film he will be acting in as well as co-producing along with Nikhil Advani.    

Another project in his kitty is National Awardwinning director Shivaji Patil's, film, titled 1984, which is based on the Sikh riots. After finishing a long schedule of this film in Punjab, Vir will return to Mumbai to wrap up Khanna Pate (working title), his first mainstream commercial romance. Vir will also star in two other films - Santa Banta and Saxx Ki Dukkaan.    

Vir believes that this is an important phase in his career. He says, "I'm used to getting comedy scripts every week; it's nice to see dramatic work coming in. I'll admit it's tougher reading, but it's great to get into this new zone as an actor. This is the beginning of an important career change; I want to pick up the right stuff. I am shooting non-stop till the end of the year before we start the film with Nikhil, so I want to get some good releases before putting my first original idea out there."