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Vikram Bhatt: Scary pages!

Vikram Bhatt


Mumbai, Dec. 23 -- Of late, Vikram Bhatt has been making a number of horror movies, after making serious dramas and comedies in the last '90s and early 2000s. And the film-maker has plans to share his change of genres with his fans. Vikram is compiling his experiences of working on horror films in a book, which he will release before his next film hits the theatres in January 2015.

A source close to the filmmaker says that Vikram had initially planned to incorporate histories in one book but soon realised that he will have to expand his project into a number of volumes. "Vikram chose 1920 (2008), 1920: Evil Returns (2012), and his Karan Darra-directed next for the first volume," says the source.

Currently, Vikram is in the final stage of writing his book, which will features stories and trivia about his films. He will also share how he came upon the idea for his horror flicks. "The book will also include unpublished photos and the process of how the movies were conceptualised from start to finish," says the source.

Vikram shares his rationale behind coming up with a book, saying, "I'm simply thrilled. More so because films in this genre get Adult (A) ratings. With my book, younger readers will also get to read the stories."