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Vidya's a Pankaj fan!

Vidya Balan


New Delhi, June 2 -- Recently, actor Shahid Kapoor threw a bash to celebrate dad Pankaj Kapur's 60th birthday. Among the invitees was an excited fan - actor Vidya Balan, who was keen to discuss with the veteran actor the way he played the character of a detective in the '80s TV show, Karamchand, and had a long chat with him.    

"Vidya loved the way Pankaj played the character. Now that she is playing a detective in her upcoming film, she wanted to talk about the challenges one faces while portraying a detective on-screen," says a source close to the actor.    

Vidya confirmed the news, saying, "My earliest memory of a detective is that of Karamchand. We've paid homage to the legendary character in one of the dialogues in my film. During a workshop, I remember acting like Karamchand. We (Pankaj) and I laughed about the fact that his wife (Supriya Pathak) is playing my mother in the film."