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Vidya turns caterer!

Vidya Balan


Mumbai, April 9 -- While some actors have started travelling to outdoor locations with their cooks in tow, several others prefer taking homecooked food to the sets to avoid binging on anything that might affect their diet. Vidya Balan, too, opts for the latter option.

The actor, however - is currently shooting for director Mohit Suri's film that also stars Emraan Hashmi - carries home-made food to the sets not just for herself, but also for her entire team.

"The film's team has been part of several late-night shoots. As a result, they have been eating the food that is available on the set. This has led to many of them falling ill. Vidya comes to the sets with a big container carrying more of the same food that she eats, so that everyone can eat healthy," says a source, adding that she also often treats the crew to cupcakes and laddoos made by her cooks.

When contacted, Vidya confirmed the story.