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Vidya: Sujoy and I don't communicate..

Vidya Balan


Mumbai, Jan. 16 -- Last year, Vidya Balan opted out of film-maker Sujoy Ghosh's movie citing health reasons. Upset and helpless with her last-minute withdrawal after all the arrangements for the shoot were made in Kolkata, Sujoy reportedly bore heavy losses, and this finally led to the end of their camaraderie that they were believed to share during Kahaani (2012).

While the two have never spoken about their soured friendship, Vidya now reveals to us that she is not on talking terms with the film-maker. "I think that way (like friends), he and I don't communicate with each other at all, and I don't know what the future holds... that's all I can say," says the actor, who won several awards for her portrayal of the character of a pregnant software engineer in search of her missing husband in Sujoy's National Award-winning film.

Sujoy had to eventually shelve the second project as he was reportedly facing trouble in financing the film. While there were rumours that Vidya quit the project because she was pregnant (she wasn't of course), buzz was also that she had left the project because her husband, producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, had refused to finance the film.

When asked about the reason, Vidya laughs and says, "Luckily, I've been an actor before I met Siddharth. I do not expect him to produce every film of mine. Actually, I will be more comfortable if he didn't, because it's just healthier for our marriage. So there was no question of that at all."

As for the pregnancy rumours, she adds, "When I'd quit that film for health reasons and wasn't being explicit about what those were, people found it convenient to say that I was pregnant. It didn't upset me because it showed me another side to people who I thought I knew well."