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Vidya Balan: 'It's a very sexist statement'

Vidya Balan


Mumbai, May 24 -- A couple of years ago, Vidya Balan had a good run at the box office with two back-to-back hits, The Dirty Picture (2011) and Kahaani (2012). She even bagged the National Award for her role in the former.

Soon after this success, the actor was referred to as a 'hero' among heroines; someone who could hold her own in a male-dominated industry. However, when asked about such monikers, Vidya doesn't seem too amused.    

"Firstly, I choose not to be called a hero amongst the heroines because I think that in itself is a very, very sexist statement. I'm happy being called a heroine or female actor. Although, I think it's very flattering when people say that (smiles)," she says.    
The actor admits that she has been lucky when it comes to her career and that she is always looking forward to more good roles. "I've been very fortunate to have been part of the kind of work (that I've done). I'm hungry and thirsty and ravenous when it comes to good roles and films. So when they come my way, I grab the opportunities with all my might; I'm a tigress when it comes to that," says Vidya.    

And when it comes to taking a break post marriage - like many of her peers have done - Vidya minces no words in stating that she will continue working. "I'm a very greedy actor and there's an insatiable hunger in me which is why I keep saying again and again that I think I will always be an actor till I'm alive. Or maybe even beyond. Who knows? They might need entertainment up there," she says with a laugh.