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Vidya Balan: I'm not interested in TV shows now..

Vidya Balan


Mumbai, Jan. 6 -- National Award winner Vidya Balan has made a mark for herself in Bollywood, with powerful performances in films such as Paa (2009), The Dirty Picture (2011), and Kahaani (2012), among others.

But she started her acting stint on the small screen in 1995 with a comedy show called Hum Paanch, where she played one of five sisters. However, after her film debut in 2005 with Parineeta, the actor never returned to television again.

"The makers of many TV shows have approached me, and I have been rejecting them. The content on TV is very unexciting for me at this point. The concepts of the fiction shows are poor and repetitive. I am not interested in television anymore. I believe fiction shows on TV should be more meaningful," says Vidya.

The actor says that she may consider TV only if the content matches the level of writing in international shows. She explains, "When the writing gets to a level of Mad Men or Six Feet Under, then I will be more than happy to do television shows. I don't want to be part of just another reality or fiction show that does not interest me."

However, Vidya reveals that if she really likes the concept, she wouldn't mind doing a talk show. "There are two ideas I was approached with sometime back, but I have not given my nod. I have asked the makers to develop the concept and get back to me. If I like the final concept, then maybe I will go ahead," says Vidya.