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Vidya Balan: 'I hope it happens soon'

Vidya Balan

Mumbai, May 14 -- Last year, reports claimed that Vidya Balan was going to play the late Carnatic singer, MS Subbulakshmi. The movie will be directed by noted cinematographer and Tamil film-maker, Rajiv Menon. However, the project has been mired in legal trouble since Dr MP Somaprasad, who is one of the original producers, has got a stay order on the film.

And one person affected by the delay is Vidya. When asked about it, the actor seems visibly upset and says she has been eager to start the project ever since she heard the script. "I'm hoping it still happens because there has been some legal tangle, as you must've heard," says the National Award-winning actor.

She adds, "I love MS Subbulakshmi, and I love the script that Rajiv has written... I wish it happens and happens soon. Everything is ready and they just need to get that thing out of the way and we can roll."    

Dr Somaprasad has the rights to the movie and had got Rajiv on board as the director. But reportedly, Rajiv went ahead and announced the biopic without involving Dr Somaprasad.