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Is Vidya Balan expecting?

Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- Of late, Vidya Balan has been making a lot of public appearance for the promotions of her next film starring Farhan Akhtar. But her changed mannerisms have left us wondering if she is indeed pregnant, a news that has been heard on the grapevine for a few days now.    

Recently, she attended a dance reality show that airs on a Bengali channel. Dressed in a loose gown, Vidya refused to take the stage with the contestants, something that most stars typically do during film promotions.    

"While entering the venue, Vidya looked very cautious about her steps. Later, during the show, she started feeling unwell. She was given lime water, after which she felt better. However, she refused to dance with the contestants," says an insider.    

This is the second instance where Vidya has avoided dancing on stage. A few weeks ago, she made an appearance on another reality TV show. Although she stepped onto the stage, she only made hand movements to give the impression of dancing. When contacted, Vidya's manager says, "There is no truth to it. She can't plan for a baby till next year as she is bound by contract with two of her upcoming films.

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