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Not slowing down, says Vidya Balan!

Vidya Balan


Mumbai, July 15 -- After her latest release, Vidya Balan has - officially speaking - only one film in hand, opposite Emraan Hashmi. Ask her if she is purposely taking things slow or if being married has anything to do with it, and she says that's not the case and it's nothing out the ordinary.

"For the past seven years, I have done only one or two films each year, and that [working pattern] remains the same," says Vidya. So why is there a 'perception' that she is possibly slowing down? "I don't know," she says with a smile, adding, "I am still meeting people and reading scripts."

And, could such speculation have started after she turned down Sujoy Ghosh's next? "Maybe," she says. Talking about Sujoy, reports had claimed that things weren't okay between the two after she turned down the role. Does she see any merit in those rumours?     "I haven't met him in a long time now. But I feel it's absolutely okay. I am not aware [of any such talks]," she says.

About her other projects, she seems to be considering several biopics - MS Subbulakshmi, and India's first lady doctor, Rakmabai, to name a few. Is that the case? "I don't want to name any particular film, but I am considering many films, and a biopic maybe on the cards. It's too early to talk about it, though," she says.