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Vidya Balan


Mumbai, June 1 -- An Ahmedabad based university seems to be very impressed with Vidya Balan's body of work.

The institution has not only named a scholarship programme after her, but has also decided to give her an honorary doctoral degree.

Vidya, who is known for doing women-centric films, has been given the responsibility to nominate a girl student every year for the scholarship. She has been invited to announce the initiative at an event in Mumbai today (June 1).

"When Vidya was informed about the initiative, she seemed interested as it aims to help underprivileged girls pursue higher education," says a source.

The scholarship will sponsor the tuition fee and boarding expenses of the girl till the course is completed. The National Awardwinning actor, who has also received the fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri, will be presented the Doctor of Arts honoris causa degree at the function.

"Among the league of iconic actors, Vidya is a pioneer in every way. Her films epitomise a distinct Indianness, and a powerful womanhood. For her outstanding contribution to Indian cinema, for creating a new space for empowered womanhood in Indian society, for her unmatched excellence and dedication to her craft, the university will confer her with the degree - Doctor of Arts, honoris causa," says Dr Harbeen Arora, the chancellor of the university.

Meanwhile, the actor feels that "there can be no bigger compliment than this." She adds, "What makes this even more special is that I complete 10 years in the Hindi film industry on June 10. It is truly humbling and overwhelming to receive this honour."