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Ekta tried to hook me up with Tusshar: Vidya

Vidya Balan

New Delhi, Feb. 28 -- Fans of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who won HT City's Stars in the City contest, got a chance to meet the two versatile actors at the HT City office on Wednesday evening.    

And even as Farhan, Vidya, and Saket - the director of their upcoming film, Shaadi Ke Side Effects, and producer Ekta Kapoor were over an hour behind schedule, that didn't dampen the spirit of their fans who were waiting for them with questions, gifts and requests. And as Farhan sang his way into his fans' hearts with a track from Rock On!, Vidya stunned everyone with a disclosure when she said, "When I was doing Hum Paanch (the 1995 comedy show), Ekta wanted me to become Mrs Kapoor ... she tried very hard to hook me up with (Ekat's brother) Tusshar."

As the duo laughed on the old joke, Ekta was quick to point out, "But you did become Mrs Kapur, though a different one!"    

So, when we asked Vidya how bored she is, on a scale oof 10, about answering qquestions on marriage and rumours that she is expecting her first child, the 36-year-old actor laughed, "58! I mean I am okay with being asked how it is to be married. But that question about the baby, more than boring me, scares me because I am just not prepared for a baby right now."    

And is Farhan giving her any parenting tips? "I am not her parent," said the 40-yearold, sending the audience into splits while adding, "Unsolicited advice is the worst thing in the world. Never give it!"