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Vicky: I'm happy to struggle in a job I love!


Mumbai, Aug. 20 -- After his schooling, Vicky Kaushal, who was a good student had decided to study engineering. Life was sorted for him, or so he thought. 
Life had different plans for the Masaan (2015) actor. In his second year of engineering, when he was taken for an industrial visit, Vicky received firsthand knowledge about how engineers work, and was shocked to realise that he has to sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day. That was the day he decided that this wasn't what he wanted from life.
"I was a fairly good student, and I was interested in science so I decided that I would study engineering. But when I realised that I would have to sit in an office, bound to my desk for eight hours a day, I understood that this wasn't my calling. It was much later that I figured that acting was something I wanted to take up," he recalls.
But it wasn't an easy path for the actor. His father, Shyam Kaushal, a well-known action director in Bollywood wasn't happy with Vicky's decision. He wanted his son to take up a career that provided a stable life. But Vicky stood his ground.
"My father couldn't believe that I wanted to become an actor. He was disappointed that I had chosen to be an actor because he knew that it wasn't an easy job. On giving him my reasons, he realised that I wasn't delusional, and that I genuinely wanted to take up acting as my profession. He showed me the real picture but I was very clear that I am happy to struggle for five years in a job I love," says Vicky who has just started shooting for his next project, Raazi, opposite Alia Bhatt. He will also be seen playing an important part in the Sanjay Dutt biopic.