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What Varun's spruced up van says about him!

Varun Dhawan

By Tulsi, News Network

After Alia Bhatt sharing her newly done-up van’s picture, it is now Varun Dhawan who’s drawing eyeballs to his van! He too shared the picture, and his fan looks absolutely smashing!

Varun’s van looks like a 5-star hotel room, and has got everything, from a plush sofa, table, dressing table, to a TV.

So, what exactly does his van indicate about his personality?

He clearly likes it stylish and luxurious. To add so much class to a compact van, is no joke! He has used no colour, and everything oozes of sophistication. Verdict: He likes to live life big and with a no-nonsense attitude.


Remember Alia’s colourful boho-hippie super-girlie van? Clearly the two are very, very different people! No wonder the two never worked out! Now, we are waiting for Sid to share his van’s picture!