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Varun's fans work up a sweat!

Varun Dhawan


Mumbai, May 6 -- Fans are known to go out of the way for their favourite stars. But recently, Varun Dhawan had a strange experience with a couple of his admirers.

We've come to know that two of his ardent fans joined the gym (in Juhu) where he works out, just to meet him.    "The fans - a boy and a girl - found out where he works out and got enrolled in the same fitness centre to ensure that they catch Varun there," says an insider close to the actor.    

While the younsters have managed to meet Varun there, the actor, in turn, has also motivated both, especially the girl, to lose weight. "They had joined the gym a couple of months ago, but had quit eventually. That time too, it wasn't for fitness but for meeting Varun and getting photographs clicked with him," adds the insider.    

This time, though, when Varun got to know the two have joined, he made a deal with them when they approached him for pictures again. "He told the girl, 'I will meet you, talk to you and get clicked only if you lose weight.' Because of that, she started working out in earnest," the insider recounts.    

Despite repeated attempts, the actor couldn't be reached for a comment.