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Varun undergoes physiotherapy!

Mumbai, Nov. 2 -- Injuries on the sets are part of any Bollywood actor's life. Recently, Varun Dhawan got injured on the sets of his father, David Dhawan's upcoming film, Main Tera Hero, in Bangkok. The actor had to undergo 10 days of physiotherapy after returning from Thailand.     

"A day before returning to Mumbai, Varun got a hip injury as he fell off a moving bike. But he continued shooting for the rest of the day as he was to leave for Mumbai the next day," says an insider.     

While Varun is yet to recover completely, his injury got aggravated upon his return to India. "After returning from Bangkok, Varun started rehearsing for a song that will be shot post Diwali. That's when the injury worsened. When he went for a check-up, he was immediately asked to go in for a intensive physiotherapy sessions," adds the insider.     

But, the doctor visits didn't deter Varun from working on his dance moves. "He used to go for the physiotherapy session in the morning and practiced his dance steps through the evening," adds the insider.     

Despite repeated attempts, Varun couldn't be reached for a comment.

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