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Varun Dhawan: No kidding!

Varun Dhawan


New Delhi, July 27 -- With his cool onscreen image and dance moves, it's not hard to imagine Varun Dhawan amassing female fans. But we've heard that the actor has quite a fan following even among kids.

A few days ago, actors Malaika Arora Khan and Zayed Khan called Varun to tell him that their respective children loved his last two films and want to meet him. "Varun was pleasantly surprised to hear from them. He feels that the kids' appreciation of his movies is the most genuine feedback he's received so far," says a source. The actor is currently shooting for his next film directed by Sriram Raghavan, and will meet the kids once he returns to the city. "He has planned to either meet the kids at their homes or invite them over to his," adds the insider. Despite repeated attempts, Varun couldn't be reached for comment.