Varun Dhawan
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Is Varun Dhawan the new Ranbir Kapoor?

Varun Dhawan

By Tulsi, News Network

We say this because… His latest interaction with the media sounds like he’s borrowed Ranbir Kapoor’s words and thoughts!

Yikes! He was asked about his personal life, yet again, and the irked actor replied something that might disappoint all of y’all.

“I am not hiding it,” he says, “I am just not talking about it. Even before I entered the industry I had decided that I will not talk about my personal life. While it is interesting to read gossip, a big section of the audience today is much smarter. They know what's rubbish and what's true. If every week, an actor is getting linked with a new actress, they will also know that this is being done to stay in the news. People are interested in what work you are doing. If you are doing a bad job, people want to know about your personal life because there is no work to be interested in.”

Of course it’s totally fair from his part to protect his personal space. But it just sounds so much like Ranbir Kapoor! Well, one thing’s for sure. He definitely is a no-nonsense guy.