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Varun Dhawan: Hurt, not retired!

Varun Dhawan


Mumbai, Jan. 7 -- Around September last year, Varun Dhawan had injured his back on the sets of his upcoming dance-based film, but he continued to shoot, not wanting to disrupt the schedule. A few days back, when the actor was shooting for the song, 'Jee karda' from his next, Badlapur, he hurt himself again, but still decided to carry on with his work.

"A part of the song requires some stunts with fire, and during one shot, Varun's face was very close to it, which almost burnt his forehead and some strands of hair. Then, some bottles were supposed to be broken on his head, and due to multiple retakes (around 30), he ended up hurting his head. Then, during a sequence, where he had to punch a wall, he hurt his hand," says an insider.

But the shoot didn't come to a halt. "In fact, since there were a lot of stunts involved in the song, a doctor was also kept on standby in case of an emergency. So, whenever Varun would get hurt, hewould get basic first-aid treatment and continue to shoot. He wanted to wrap up the shoot on that day itself, since he had to leave for the US to shoot for his dancebased film," adds the insider.

When contacted, Varun confirmed the news, saying, "There was no option of stopping the shoot. Getting hurt is part and parcel of film-making. You can't trouble the entire cast and crew for such reasons."