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Varun Dhawan: He or she hasn't dampened our spirits!

Varun Dhawan


Mumbai, April 16 -- Marketing and promotional campaigns are vital to the success of Bollywood films these days. As a result, a lot of effort is put into drawing up these plans.

The makers of the sequel to ABCD: Any Body Can Dance (2013) also worked hard for their plans, but they have had to alter them after a poster of the film was leaked on social media.

The poster - which is an older version of the final design - started doing the rounds online on Tuesday (April 14) night, putting the makers in a fix. They were forced to release the official poster a few hours after the leak, which was two days before they planned to.

Varun Dhawan, who stars in the film with Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhudheva, is upset about the leak. "Making a film is a team effort that involves small contributions. When something of this sort happens, the entire effort goes to waste. We really loved the poster and had big plans for its launch," he says, adding, "Recently, even the first few episodes of an international TV show got leaked. This is how things are in the age of the Internet. The only positive aspect is that this poster leak shows that our film is keenly awaited. The love that has poured in is amazing."

Varun reveals that he and Shraddha shot for over two hours to perfect their look in the poster. He says, "I was bending awkwardly, at a 70 degree angle, and she was arching her back. We could have been injured, but we did it because the poster is special for us. But the person who leaked it can be assured that he or she hasn't dampened our spirits."