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Varun Dhawan: Brothers in arms!

Varun Dhawan


Mumbai, May 20 -- If things go according to plan, Varun Dhawan might team up with his brother, director Rohit Dhawan, on a film.

"He (Rohit) has spoken to me unofficially, but nothing is finalised as yet. He is working on a script currently," reveals Varun, who adds that his elder brother is his biggest support system.    

"I wouldn't have been an actor if it wasn't for my brother. He has sacrificed a lot of things for me to become an actor," he says.    

Although the siblings are only four years apart, Varun believes his brother, in a way, brought him up. "He taught me the difference between right and wrong. Of course, my parents were always around. But, till date, he feels responsible for me. He is one of the most moral persons I have ever met in my life. He knows what he wants to do and why. His reasons for doing things are very clear," says the actor.    

Even as kids, remembers Varun, his brother gave up his own small joys for him. "When I was kid, I'd take away all his toys. Slowly, he stopped playing with toys altogether. Once, when he bought a Walkman, I took that away too. He would give me whatever he had without saying a word," reminisces the Student Of The Year (2012) actor.