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Varun defies death at the Grand Canyons!

Varun Dhawan

By Tulsi, News Network

For a stunt for his next film ABCD 2, Varun does some really crazy stuff! While shooting at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Varun does a dangerous 5000 feet deep straight fall stunt.

Usually, these stunts are done by a body double. But Varun surprised everyone by saying that he would be doing it himself! And check out the pictures, you guys! He actually did it!

Wow! Now that’s some serious daring. The young Badlapur actor is truly an inspiration.
He also tweeted “Grand Canyon . Craziest experience ever.” We really love how he mixes work and life experiences/pleasures/bucket list/whatever you want to call it and rocks at it!

The film releases on June 19th, and we seriously cannot wait to see this stunt in action!