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Varun dedicates ABCD2's "Birthday" song to Karan Johar

Varun Dhawan

By Tulsi, News Network

Of course you know that it was Karan Johar’s birthday yesterday! But what you don’t know is that Varun Dhawan, was launched by KJo, and mentored by him, had dedicated a song from his upcoming film ABCD 2 to him! And it’s called “Happy Birthday”!

Varun has unveiled this new song today, specially for Karan Joha! Now, not is this ultra-sweet of Varun, but this song is so, so cool that I have been watching it again and again!

The song is “the birthday song of the year”, and has been sung by Varun Dhawan himself, along with Sachin Sanghvi, Jigar Saraiya and D. Soldierz.

We cannot wait for Varun and Karan to team up again for their next film Shhuddi!