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Varun and Radhika bond over dancing!

Varun Dhawan


New Delhi, Dec. 23 -- Being a good dancer plays a pivotal role in being a Bollywood star. Recently, dancing is what brought actors Radhika Apte and Varun Dhawan closer. informs a source.

"While Varun has wowed the audiences time and again with his dancing, Radhika is a trained dancer herself. Thus, the two bonded over this common passion. In fact, they even did a few steps together. The two spent time talking about various forms of dance, they discussed their respective training et cetera," informs a source.

When contacted, Radhika praised Varun and told us, "Varun is a great dancer. Being a dancer myself, I was curious and very much interested in discussing with him. Hence, we chatted often about our shared love of dance" said Radhika.