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Prep time for Varun!

Varun Dhawan


Mumbai, June 5 -- Varun Dhawan, who is set to star in his brother, director Rohit Dhawan's next, is going all out to make sure that he portrays his character in the film as convincingly as possible.

The actor has already started taking Urdu diction classes, as he needs to speak the language fluently in the film. Soon, he will also start police combat training under the guidance of action director Allan Amin and Hollywood action specialist Stefan Richter (who designed stunts for Salman Khan in Kick last year).

A source close to the actor says, "Varun has an emotional connect with the film, since this is the first time he will be directed by his brother.

So, he wants to give it his best." "Varun's action training will be conducted in Morocco, where the film will be shot around July-August. In fact, that's the reason, Varun and John (Abraham; co-star) will leave for Morocco a bit in advance," says the source.

Apparently, it was Rohit's idea to have Varun and the other actors completely ready before the shoot kicks off. "Rohit knows that once the shoot starts, his actors won't get time to train. And since he is shooting at foreign locations, he doesn't want to waste any time," adds the source.