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I'll never marry an actress: Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan

New Delhi, April 28 -- Varun Dhawan has just turned 27, and is quite clear that he won't date or marry a Bollywood babe. Fresh off the success of his first film as a solo lead actor, directed by his father, David Dhawan, the actor talks to us about relationships, working with his father, handling success, and his first co-star, Alia Bhatt.  

You're young and successful,so it's difficult to believe that you're single.    

Right now, I am staying away from girls as much as I can. They are a distraction. I am in the process of starting possibly the toughest film (Sriram Raghavan's untitled next) I've got so far. Due to the kind of preparation required for the role, I need to stay away from such things.    

Do you want to be in a relationship eventually?    

Of course. No one wants to stay alone. Although, right now, I don't know (if I'm ready). Maybe I'm not in the headspace of exploring  the possibilities.    

Is it true that you aren't keen to date or marry any actress?  

Yes. I feel that since I am an actor myself and I am crazy and volatile enough, what would two crazy and volatile people do together? We will set fire to the world or something (smiles).    

We keep hearing about you and Alia Bhatt. Is anything going on?    

Alia is my first costar, so she is close to me. We are great friends. Why does something have to happen?    

Alia says she is a lot closer to you than to Arjun Kapoor.    

We are very fond of each other, but that doesn't mean there has to be something else. I feel it's a very highschool like mentality to think of it that way.    

Do you ever think that you are ahead in the race as compared to Sidharth  (Malhotra) and Alia?    

There is no race and there will never be one.