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Tusshar has a visitor!

Tusshar Kapoor

New Delhi, Jan. 28 -- Tusshar Kapoor is having a good time with his one-time legal guardian Pramila Bothra, from his university days in the US. The actor is busy taking her out to different eateries in Mumbai, to give her a taste of Indian cuisine.

"Tusshar is keen to treat Pramila to different Indian delicasies. He is taking out time to show her some of the unconventional restaurants in Mumbai, which normally don't get listed in city guides," says a source close to the actor.    Pramila was the 37-year-old actor's legal guardian when he was studying for his MBA programme in Michigan. The actor, over time, became very close to her and considers her a close friend.

"Pramila visits India every three to five years and ensures that she meets Tusshar," says the source.    

The actor also made sure that she was put up at his place so that she has a comfortable stay in Mumbai. When asked about this, Tusshar, who was last seen in Shashant Shah's Bajatey Raho, says, "She is a lovely lady and I had a very nice time having her as my legal guardian in the US. She used to stay half-an-hour's drive away and I used to visit her quite regularly. She loves India so I am showing her around now."