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Tisca Chopra to turn scriptwriter

Tisca Chopra


Mumbai, July 1 -- Actor Tisca Chopra is looking forward to adding another feather to her hat. The 40-year-old, who started her Bollywood career around two decades back, is currently writing a film script.

She says, without divulging details, "I am writing a script and that's keeping me busy. But it is too early to talk about it. I will give out more details soon when it is close to turning into a film."

Writing is not new to Tisca, the grand-niece of prominent Indian writer Khushwant Singh. She recently released her book - Acting Smart. "I was very worried about how the book will be accepted by the readers. But I am extremely happy about the overwhelming response it has got," she says.

Ask her about her upcoming projects, along with her much-talked-about role in a film by film-maker Manish Gupta (reportedly based on the infamous Aarushi murder case), and Tisca says, "The film is not based on the Aarushi case. And, to set the record straight, my character has nothing to do with Dr Nupur Talwar. The film is stuck in a legal case as of now. So, I don't know when it will release."

Lastly, after her appearance in the first season of the Indian TV show, 24, can we expect her back in the second season? She says, "Hopefully, it should happen towards the end of the year. The first season was very exhausting. There needs to be a gap before we start working on the second."