Tisca Chopra
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Tisca Chopra is a street shopper!

Tisca Chopra


Mumbai, July 21 -- Tisca Chopra loves to shop. The self-confessed shopaholic has a penchant for antiques. Apparently, the actor doesn't believe in shopping at only high-end stores and boutiques.

Instead, Tisca visits flea markets on her trips abroad, where she hunts for, what she calls, the "perfect treasures".

Ask Tisca about her love for street shopping, and she says, "More than buying, I enjoy the thrill of finding something unique. Somehow, shopping at regular places just doesn't give me the same joy as shopping at quaint places does, as does coming across things that you really like. It's the experience of shopping that makes it worthwhile."

Talking about her favourite shopping destinations, the 41-year-old says, "It's got to be the markets in Portobello and Camden in London, UK."