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Tiger helps dad get fit!

Tiger Shroff


Mumbai, Sept. 4 -- Actor Tiger Shroff, whose six pack abs and brawny physique made people sit up and take notice, is now trying to weave a fitness web around his father, Jackie Shroff.

The actor has started training Jackie and is trying to get him back in shape, especially for the role of a boxer that the latter will be essaying in an upcoming film.

"Jackie is a carefree person and does not bother too much about his health. But now, after his son insisted, he is trying to adopt a heathy lifestyle," says a source close to Tiger.

Although Tiger follows a rigorous workout regime, he has designed a different routine for Jackie, making sure it suits him and something he can follow regularly.

"When Tiger asked Jackie to follow a more disciplined lifestyle, the latter wasn't resistant. In fact, he was happy to get an opportunity to go for exercising sessions with his son," says the source, adding that he even managed to stop Jackie from attending late night parties on a regular basis.

Tiger confirms the news, saying, "Dad is very different from me; he is bindaas (carefree) when it comes to his health. But I'm glad he is finally listening to me."