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Tiger gets a tiger!

Tiger Shroff


Mumbai, May 14 -- His name caused a bit of a stir when he first came on the scene, and it spawned a few jokes as well. Now, Tiger Shroff seems to be giving everyone more scope for humour and puns. The young man, we're told, has adopted a four year-old tiger.

The actor has pledged his support to the cat, called Jaan, which lives in the Nagpur zoo. A source informs that this is something Tiger has been meaning to do for a while. The source says, "He felt that adopting a tiger is a great way to contribute towards wildlife conservation. He has pledged his support towards the species, and will help spread awareness about the same. He wants to do all that he can in his capacity to take care of Jaan, and wants to encourage others to do the same."

The actor intends to visit the zoo at regular intervals to check on Jaan's well-being.    When contacted, Tiger confirms the news and says, "Similarity of the name notwithstanding, I don't think there is any other animal as majestic as the tiger. Perhaps it is the only being that combines beauty, fearlessness and power. They must be saved and nurtured."