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Tabu: I can't connect with many people..



Mumbai, July 31 -- While there are many actors who love connecting with their fans on social media, Tabu says that she isn't one of them.

The actor feels that she can't post stuff regularly on these sites, and hence has never tried to be active on them. "It's not something I have tried, so I really can't say if it's good or bad for me.

I feel that it's really great that people connect with their fans through social media. But I don't know if I have the bandwidth to do that. I don't know if I can really connect with so many people at the same time. It requires a certain kind of personality, and I am not sure I am that kind of a person," she says.

The actor, who is playing a cop in her upcoming film, is known for essaying strong characters, such as the ones in Maqbool (2003) and Haider (2014), among others. "I never looked at these roles as a risk. I don't get why people make a big deal about it. For me, it was a matter of a great opportunity when I got to play these. I'd get so excited," she says, adding, "People who look at films as a business might view these roles or movies differently, but not actors." The 43-year-old also says that it is wrong to call a film women-centric.

"I feel we shouldn't pigeonhole films as being female-centric. I played characters that had a lot of layers, and weren't black or white. I got to express myself in a way that I always wanted to," she says.

Meanwhile, commenting on her role in her new film that also stars Ajay Devgn in a pivotal role, Tabu says, "The cop in the film is so strong, that is why I took the role up," she says. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, the film is a remake of a Malayali hit.