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Taapsee Pannu: We go through a lot of scrutiny!

Taapsee Pannu


New Delhi, June 23 -- Scrutiny of her personal life is something that actor Taapsee Pannu) hates about being a public figure.

The 27-year-old says that being in the public eye often restricts her from reacting to situations. "We go through a lot of scrutiny. We often become dining table discussions for everyone. If someone talks to us rudely, we also have an urge to talk back, but we can't because of who we are. We have to tolerate that part of our lives," she says.

The actor has also been the subject of many rumours, which she did not know how to react to. Recounting the worse rumour she heard about herself, she says, "When I was doing films continuously in the south, there came a time when I took a break and I was trying my luck here in Bollywood. At that time, there was a rumour that I have decided to get married, which is why I am not working. That was insane. People started messaging me about this. I did not even know how to react to this."

While she is balancing her regional as well as Bollywood projects, Taapsee says that for her, it is the kind of role that is a priority. "I'm from Delhi, and initially when I had started doing regional films, I used to have an issue with the language. But not anymore. Although I am trying my luck in Bollywood, I will always prioritise the script and my role over anything else," she says.