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Now: Taapsee plans a community wedding..

Taapsee Pannu


Mumbai, June 24 -- Last month, it was reported that Taapsee Pannu had started a wedding planning company of her own. The 27-year-old Bollywood actor has already organised a couple of big-ticket weddings in the south. However, business is not the only thing on her mind.

Recently, Taapsee organised a community wedding function for an NGO in Delhi. A source says, "Her sister, who was working as an intern with this NGO, told her about the establishment".

Apparently, Taapsee took it upon herself to execute even the minutest details of the wedding. Even the kind of lighting that was going to be put up at the venue was decided by her.

Confirming the news, Taapsee says, "My company is glad that the project was carried out successfully." She adds that the most memorable aspect of planning the event were the "blessings" that her team received.