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Swara learns to be a singer!

Swara Bhaskar


New Delhi, Dec. 30 -- Actor Swara Bhaskar, who reprises the role of a singer in her upcoming film, is making sure she leaves no stone unturned to prepare for her role.

Although she won't be singing in the film, the actor is taking singing classes from singers in Bihar, in order to get the body language right.

"This was a world I was totally unaware of, so I went to Arrah (a town in Bihar) where the story is set and met some real life singers. I don't sing playback in the film but I had to get the body language right so I recorded these ladies singing and then rehearsed their body language to try and get an authentic touch to my role," she says. "It was an electrifying experience and I hope I have been able to bring it to life in the film," she adds.