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Sush's diving deep for her mystery man!

Sushmita Sen


New Delhi, June 6 -- It's difficult to get Sushmita Sen to talk about love, but when she gets candid, there's no holding her back. The 38-year-old actor is returning with three films after a long hiatus - one in Bollywood and two in Bengali - and says that she enjoyed her long motherhood break.    

What is it like to be a single unmarried mother in Bollywood?    

In Bollywood, the only big difference is [that] everything is open to scrutiny. And somehow, that line, no matter how strongly you put it down, always permeates and comes to your children. And when they are adopted, [people] just forget that there are certain things you just don't say in front of kids. They end up instigating them, making them strong from a very young age.    

You said you know you'll make a fantastic wife. How're you sure?    

Like everything else in my life, I just know because I work so hard towards it.    

You're working hard towards being a good wife?    

I'm working really hard towards understanding commitment. Wife is a by-product ... yes, I'm in a very interesting phase in my life and no, I'm not giving you any names. Did I say names? (laughs)    

Who? Did you just drop a hint?   

I am so close to making up my mind that I want to just be really sure. Yes, I'm in a happy space ... I'm in love! Ah, no, no, almost there. I love very deeply. The minute I'm going to say this even here, someone somewhere is going to jump, so I'm going to not say that. Not just yet, but yes, there are some new things happening. I'm learning diving. I'm spending a lot of time under water and taking my kids to learn it, too.    

Is he a diver?    

He's good at it.    

And is he from the industry?    No, no.    

Do you think showbiz is a difficult place to sustain a relationship?    

It depends on what your priorities are. Because I know the industry so well and the relationships in it, I cannot imagine getting married into it. I know it too well and that's not my priority. I want to work here and then go home. I don't want to work here and go home here only. Do you know what I mean?