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Sushmita Sen: Overprotective about Renee!

Sushmita Sen

New Delhi, May 2 -- Actor-turned entrepreneur Sushmita Sen is spontaneous and contagiously positive. So far, she has lived life on her own terms and lived it well.    

Turns out that her two daughters, Renee and Alisha, both of who she has adopted, are turning out to be "independent like me". "Renee is now in a boarding school. She is an affectionate teenager. She has also made many international friends. I realised that I was probably being over-protective about her and she needed to learn a few things on her own. I am glad she is turning out to be a great human being."

Sen herself has broken set norms many times. At 18, she became the first Indian to win the coveted Miss Universe crown. At 25, she became a single mother to an adopted daughter, Renee. At 35, she adopted another girl child, Alisha.    

Interestingly, she says when she became a single mother, people advised her against the move saying it would be detrimental to her career. "People, publicity managers, even my family, were apprehensive of my 'bold' moves. They said I should behave in a certain way, and not be so vocal about my relationships or my daughter," smiles the 38-year-old, adding, "I believe you should not forget living while making a living. Over the years, everyone accepted that I was an independent, thinking individual. So, the acceptance came gradually but surely. I like to live honestly."