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I would like to donate all my organs: Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen


Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- Sushmita Sen has always been associated with novel causes, especially those related to the welfare of girl child. This time, she comes out in support of the organ donation initiative held at the Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in association with Fortis Healthcare.

Speaking about the initiative, the actor says, "I congratulate Hindustan Times, Fortis and all those who are trying to make this campaign possible. I myself have been fortunate to meet a lot of people who are going through the crisis of organ donations. Other than the budgets for the organs not being within their reach, availability of organs has become a matter of life and death for some. So, creating this awareness is allowing a lot of lives to be saved."

Sushmita feels that being attached to your organs that are eventually going to turn to dust is "illogical". And changing that mindset is essential for making this initiative a success. "I don't even think that a noble cause like organ donation requires inspiration. It just requires for people to be aware of the fact that it could actually save peoples' lives. It will allow them to live a full life long after you are done and dusted," says the actor.

She goes on to explain, "I would like to donate all my organs, if medically they are acceptable, and are in the condition to be used again."