Sushant Singh Rajput
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Watch out for Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Sushant Singh Rajput

By Tulsi, News Network

The film has got excellent reviews, and everyone is raving about this mystery movie! But before you go and watch the film, we feel you must read this interview with Sushant Singh Rajput and get to know the actor and his experience while shooting for this fantastic flick. It’s quite refreshing and honest. And that ‘s the kind of stuff we love!

A detective film in this proportion hasn’t been made before in Bollywood. What sort of response from the audience are you expecting?

I don’t agree that such kind of a film hasn’t been done before in Bollywood, but yes, this film is a very nice mix of something that’s very period from the core as well as contemporary on the outlook. That’s a very new innovative way of showing such a film. We are coming with that newness. Also the way Dibakar has shown things in 1943 Calcutta, it will make the audiences even more interested in watching this film.

As everything was from such an old era, were there instances during the shoot, where you felt like had this been in 2015, we would have done it so easily?

Of course. In today’s world we have so many things we can’t do without. Say a cellphone or a tv or automatic cars or mineral water. All these things weren’t available in 1943. Thus the story was also scripted in a similar way so as to keep that feel and therefore we used to think at times about how things would have been easier had it been in the current ages.

Talking about your contemporaries, say Varun Dhawan or Sidharth Malhotra, why do we get so much more news about them on daily basis, whereas for Sushant Singh Rajput we don’t? Is Sushant Singh Rajput not media friendly?

It maybe that Sushant Singh Rajput is very boring. I enjoy spending a lot of time working on the films that I do. I try and work hard to make my character look more convincing. Then whatever time is left I try and spend it with my family. Maybe that’s why you don’t get to see that many stories being published about me everywhere.