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Sushant Singh: 100 days of prep!

Sushant Singh Rajput


Mumbai, May 2 -- He has just wrapped up Dibakar Banerjee's film, but even before Sushant Singh Rajput could get out of his sleuth character, there came the news of Hollywood star John Travolta possibly starring with him in Shekhar Kapur's Paani. Travolta recently confirmed, "I've been approached and I'm considering doing this film."    

Sushant, who plays the lead role, has requested the makers, Aditya Chopra and Shekhar to give him 100 days to prepare for this role. "Especially now that Travolta is likely to star in the film along with Sushant, he wants to put his best foot forward. Also, he has been a fan of films like Face/Off (1997), Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Pulp Fiction (1994), so he wants to be fully prepared to work with someone like Travolta," says an insider.    

As a result, Sushant wants to focus not just on the emotional graph of his character, but also the physical aspect. "For Dibakar's film, he had lost a lot of weight, but for Shekhar's next, he needs to have a chiselled physique. All of it will take time since he has just finished the shoot of his last film. That's why he has asked for 100 days from Aditya sir and Shekhar. And they have agreed, too, because they are aware that it's going to be a challenging part for Sushant," adds the insider. Despite repeated attempts, Sushant couldn't be reached for a comment.