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Real life inspires Bollywood!

Sushant Singh Rajput


New Delhi, Nov. 3 -- It would be unfair to say that Bollywood is all about larger-than life romances or masala potboilers. Through the years, we've sporadically made films on iconic personalities, wars, riots and revolutions.

However, now, we're seeing a serious focus on real-life subjects, with established actors and newcomers signing up for such films.

Based on real people

For the first time, Shah Rukh Khan, 49, will be playing a character based on a real person - Gujarati don Abdul Latif - in Raees. Meanwhile, biopic-obsessed Bollywood has two more lined up - one on Mohammad Azharuddin (to be played by Emraan Hashmi), another on M S Dhoni (to be played by Sushant Singh Rajput).

Then, Ranbir Kapoor is likely to play Sanjay Dutt. "To portray Sanju sir is a big task. He's had a roller-coaster kind of a life. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get this opportunity...," Ranbir had told us earlier.

Salman Khan will also produce a biopic on popular wrestler Gama Pehlwan, which will star his brother Sohail Khan.

Real-life incidents

It's not all about biopics. A bunch of upcoming movies will also be set against real-life incidents. Akshay Kumar will play an Indian businessman in Airlift, which is about the evacuation of Indians from Kuwait during Iraq's invasion of the country in 1990. John Abrahamstarrer, 1911, will be based on Indian football club, Mohun Bagan's victory against East Yorkshire Regiment in 1911. Hrithik Roshan's next will be a period film on the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Tracking the trend

Film-maker Sanjay Gupta, whose next, Mumbai Saga, starring John Abraham in the lead, is apparently inspired by the nexus between mill owners, the underworld, and the police force in the '80s and '90s, feels, "Not everyone wants to make brainless entertainers. So, others take up real-life incidents."

Film trade analyst Amod Mehra further adds, "Real life incidents always generate interest. The only side-effect might be the chance of an overkill, since our industry has a herd mentality."