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Lauren to make Sushant dance!

Sushant Singh Rajput


Mumbai, Feb. 19 -- Even though Sushant Singh Rajput's next is based on a fictional detective in Bengali literature, the film will not see him just investigating cases.

Recently, the actor was told by director Dibaker Banerjee that he also plans to have a dance sequence in the film, picturised on him. Excited at the prospect, Sushant put forward his preference as well - he wanted dancer Lauren Gottileb to choreograph the sequence.

Talking about this association, Lauren says, "Dibakar was having a chat with Sushant and said that he wanted to add a song to the film where he wanted Sushant to dance. He asked him for a suggestion for the choreographer and he suggested my name."

Sushant is a good dancer himself, and has even taken part in dance reality shows before entering Bollywood. "He is a fabulous dancer. I have seen him perform on television and, whenever he dances, he gets into the character, which is very much what I do, too" says the dancer-choreographer.

Refraining from revealing much about the choreography, Lauren shares that the song is unlike a regular dance number. "Sushant has shown different sides to him in this song. This is his first big dance number in Bollywood. Before we started shooting, Dibakar had shown me a few portions of the film, so that I get the mood right," she says.