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I've always been fascinated by outer space: Sushant


His last film Raabta, could not make a mark at the box office but that hasn’t stopped Sushant Singh Rajput from moving on to his next project. 
The actor, who has always maintained that he doesn’t take ‘stardom’ too seriously, has decided to delve deeper into work. In fact, he has taken off to an undisclosed location to prepare for his role of an astronaut in Chanda Mama Door Ke.
Talking about his love for the subject he reveals that he has always been curious about stars, the galaxy and life beyond earth. 
“I have always been fascinated by outer space. As a kid too, I was interested in stars, constellations and galaxies. I always wanted to know what life in space would be like. When this film was offered to me, I was intrigued as it touches upon this particular subject,” he says.
As part of preparation for his role, he will also be visiting the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Pecial effects supervisor John Palmer, who has worked on Hollywood films like Apollo 13 (1995), Deep Impact (1998), Armageddon (1998) and The Martian (2015), will not only make a space suit for him but will also personally train him.
Besides films, Sushant had also said that he is taking a keen interest in theatre – his first stint with acting. In fact, he has even zeroed in on a couple of books that he wants to turn into plays. “Even if I get one day off in between my shoot schedules or promotions, I prefer to watch a play. I can always go back to doing plays because for me the medium isn’t important. I thoroughly enjoy acting in plays and that will never change,” he says.