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Intimate scenes make Sushant nervous!

Sushant Singh Rajput


New Delhi, July 5 -- Actor Sushant Singh, who has gained a lot of popularity as the host of a crime-based show on the tube, is excited to be back in films with a meaty role after two years.

Over a candid chat, he talks about his character, his discomfort in shooting intimate scenes, why he doesn't do fiction TV anymore, and his friendship with his erstwhile co-star, politician Smriti Irani.    Steamy acts - oops!    In the trailers of his upcoming film - a sequel of Vikram Bhatt's 2012 hit Hate Story - Sushant is seen in a number of steamy scenes, a first for the 42-year-old. "I was actually a bit nervous doing them... I've never done such scenes, so it was quite a task. Hats off to those who do such scenes with complete ease," says the actor, adding, "It's one of the darkest characters that I've ever played... doing that was actually fun."    

One-year threshold    Apart from Bollywood films such as Jungle (2000), The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) and Rakhta Charitra (2010), Sushant has also been a part of hit tele dramas like Virrudh and Zindgi Ka Har Rang ... Gulaal. "The whole fiction TV format with their leaps and ever-changing tracks somehow don't work for me. I can only do such shows for a year, but it'll be unfair to tell the producer 'tata-byebye' because one-year is my threshold... so I stopped doing them," says Sushant, who has been seen hosting a crime show for more than a year now. "I took this show to pay my bills," he jokes, adding, "I actually relate a lot to this show because it talks about raising social awareness."    

On erstwhile co-star Smiriti Irani    Sushant admits that though he's not regularly in touch with Smriti (his co-star from Viruddh), he congratulated her when she became the HRD minister. "We keep bumping into each other at the airport, and I did congratulate her, and she thanked back. I'm happy for her," he says.