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I was bombarded with 'bold' roles, says Surveen Chawla


Mumbai, June 13 -- Surveen Chawla made her film debut with Hate Story 2 in 2014. Her sensual role in the movie earned her the image of a bold actor. But Surveen feels it's sad that the industry often typecasts an actor into a particular image.

She says, "People label you, and they don't see what more you are capable of. Film-makers should see if actors fit their characters. Post Hate Story 2, everyone felt that since I have done a sensual role, they can give me similar ones. But, when people offer me a 'bold' role, it flabbergasts me. Why don't the makers look beyond, and see what the actor is capable of doing?"

Surveen adds, "After Hate Story 2, I was bombarded with 'bold and sexy' roles. It got tiring, and that's why I didn't sign any Hindi movies. I don't want to do films for the sake of it. I'd rather wait."

Surveen made her acting debut in 2003 with the TV show, Kahiin To Hoga, and graduated to films in 2008. She did 15 films in various languages, including Punjabi and Tamil. Now, she is back on TV with a finite show that features her in a substantial role.

Talking about her transition from TV to films, the actor says, "It's sad that there is a huge gap between film and TV actors. You are looked down upon and called a 'TV actor'. People suggested that I shouldn't mention such and such show [to film-makers], but I didn't want to hide my work."

Recently though, Surveen worked with Anil Kapoor on a television show, and had wonderful experience. She says, "Anil sir's energy is infectious. It is contagious. He is always pumped up and charged. He takes care of his actors and the unit members, and provides them with awesome food. He is incredible."