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When Andy came to Sunny Leone's rescue!

Sunny Leone


New Delhi, March 14 -- We heard that actor Sunny Leone, during the shooting of her upcoming film in an old palace in Rajasthan, felt really scared of being alone in her room.

That's when Anand Vijay Kumar aka Andy and one more member from the unit came to her rescue by giving her company. "We all went to her room, had dinner together, whilst gossiping joking and laughing to our heart's content," says the VJ, actor and choreographer.

Sunny's upcoming film will be Andy's debut film, where he is reportedly playing himself, so does he aspire to play a full-fledged actor? Andy says, "Most people don't know that I've been involved in the British theatre scene for more than 15 years. I can act, sing and dance. So, I am already an actor. I would love to pursue more acting jobs in Bollywood."

What does he enjoy most? Television, choreographing or acting? "I have a firm foot in the television industry and enjoy it immensely, so, I'd always continue doing it. I enjoy all avenues of work and want to explore more. I love making a connection with the audience and think that TV makes the maximum impact, as you are in people's home everyday and become a part of the family."

Andy also had a tryst with reality shows. So, how much of the real Andy do we see in these shows? "It's the real me, even my friends and family will say the same. I've become more patient and have revealed a sensitive side of my personality that you'd not get to see often in real life," says Andy. Ram Lakhan (1989) is his favourite film and he aspires to work with filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and Vikas Bahl.