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Sunny's reaction to Atul Anjan's comments on condom ad

Sunny Leone

By Tulsi, News Network

Yesterday we told you how some random minister called Atul Anjan said some absolutely ridiculous crap about Sunny Leone’s Manforce condom ad.

Just to remind you, he said something like this: “Sunny Leone’s condom ads cause rape & I puked after watching her porn.”

Yup. Such people exist, and say such things only so that the world knows that they exist. Otherwise, they would be as unimportant as they actually are.

Anyway, Sunny reacted to this uneducated, illiterate comment, and tweeted: “Sad when people of power waste their time and energy on me, instead of focusing on helping those in need !!!!! #SHAME #EPICFAIL”

Well, true that! Sunny makes more sense than Atul at any cost!

She is just doing her business, and he clearly isn’t!

For those who haven’t seen the condom ad, here it is: